Terms Of Hire

If you want to hire the hall please contact Carolyn Bell on 01282 842718

A Hire Information Pack is available, please click here, to view

The facilities include rooms suitable for meetings, training and mini-conferences and events. Charges will be made for these facilities on a sliding scale. Sessions include setup and tidy up. Extra sessions will attract an additional charge.

As a community facility Kelbrook & Sough Village Hall looks to serve the community and to minimise inconvenience to local residents. Our full conditions of hire are, by necessity, quite comprehensive and you are advised to read them carefully. They can be summarised as:

The hirer must:

  • Ensure the user(s) obeys the law;
  • Respect the hall’s neighbours;
  • Take responsibility for the hall and its contents;
  • Abide by the times and other details on the booking form;
  • Ask if anything is not clear;
  • Ensure that hall user(s) health and safety and the security of the hall are safeguarded.

A car park has been built on Church Lane to provide 8 off-road spaces – please use it. The car park is for use of hall users only and cars are parked at owners’ risk.

Click Here to see the Hall’s terms of hire in full.

Health and safety policy for Kelbrook & Sough Village Hall