History Of The Hall

Kelbrook and Sough Village Hall started life as a very small school, built with public funds in the 18th century but superseded when the county council school was built over 100 years ago. In the early part of the 20th Century it became an educational trust administered by the nearby St. Mary’s Parish Church. In that period 2 extensions to the building were added and it became known as St Mary’s Sunday school.

Older villagers recollect the building being a hive of activity in the 1930’s – 40s with a great many social events being held primarily organised by the Church. However, its use subsequently declined as the pattern of village life changed and by the late 60s the Hall was used very little and a volunteer village committee was formed to rescue the hall in 1977.

Over the next 25 years events were held to raise money, work was done and the building was brought to a decent standard with the Kelbrook Parish Hall Committee raising and spending approximately £45,000 on maintenance and refurbishment. In addition local firms and individuals gave generously of their time and products.

The Parish Hall Committee was neither leaseholders nor owners of the building due to the complexities of the original Trust Deed and was never able to access large grants. Although it has to be said that Pendle Borough Council recognising that the hall was “de facto” a village hall generously paid for the installation of central heating and supplied kitchen units.

It became known as Kelbrook Parish Hall and once again thrived as a centre of community activity. Kelbrook Parish Hall continued to be managed by a committee, which was independent of the church although the Church remained the owner of the building. In 1997 the Parish Hall Committee (PHC) obtained charitable status (Charity No. 1064580).

In March 2002 the Diocese of Bradford finally agreed to sell the hall to the community and with the help of Community Futures through the Enterprising Rural Communities Programme Kelbrook Parish Hall became Kelbrook and Sough Village Hall, a facility held in trust for the benefit of the community and available to all with a new charity number (1101005).

In March 2006 Kelbrook and Sough Village Hall Committee successfully completed the construction of  an Annex to the rear of the hall to enhance this Community Resource Centre. A car park was developed across from the church.

In March 2010, funding and donations were received for refurbishment of the stone slate roof on the oldest part of the hall.

Funding was received for a new easily assembled stage.  A new suspended ceiling, extra insulation, lights and decorating were completed in the main hall.

2015-2017 has seen a complete refurbishment of the main hall, kitchen and entrance.

After many fund raising events and generous donations by several organisations sufficient money was raised to re-roof the main part of the hall. The work was completed in late 2019.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 & 2021 the Management Committee have taken the opportunity to improve the Hall, in particular:

  • Repair of the front wall
  • Extension of the fire alarm to cover the main hall & kitchen
  • Installation of Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Replacement of old incandescent light bulbs with low energy LED units
  • Total refurbishment of the large patio – this being made possible by the receipt of generous grants